Inspiring the Youth: Why Quotations Matter

We’ve all read a quote or a citation that has subconsciously made our day. Whilst it is well known the internet and social media in particular has a plethora of quotations within it, they seem to be one internet trend that isn’t seem to be going anywhere, at least not yet.

Why Quotations Matter

You know the moment when you’re in bed, after a hard day and this is the moment where your mind subconsciously does some reflection of its own?  It’s when the dark thunder of the cloud of thoughts that’s seem to be roaring with all their might in your head and a quote online seems to make you smile on the inside (and yes, the phone is there because we all know bedtime means Instagram scrolling time).

Whether you’ve had a bad day, or are down in the dumps or even if you’re neither of those things, it’s true that these citations have some impact on us and our lives. Whilst we’ve already mentioned that there is a diverse collection of these sayings on what we call the wonder web, the department can be further categorized into the following kind of wonderful inspirational quotations:

wonderful inspirational quotations

The ones on Success

These are the kind of citations that make you go “Hell yes, I can do this.” You know the feeling all too well. Whether it was something said by a leading personality or whether it’s just something that discusses working hard and ambitions. It’s recommended that everyone reads some sayings like these because you never know when you may need it. Or if you’re someone that already does, try applying them in practical life.

Example:  “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, and it is the courage to continue that counts.”

                                                                                                                  -Winston Churchill

The ones on Fitness Motivation

These quotes do exactly what they claim to. Motivating you to become a better version of yourself by working out is what these citations inspire you to do. Whether it’s a new body you’re working out for or if it’s just a push you’re looking for when it comes to eating healthy, this is what you need.

Example:  “Nothing will work unless you do.”

                                                                                                                    -John Wooden

 The ones on Success

There’s no arguing with this one.

The one’s on Inner Beauty

These quotes are probably the most abundant in the vast universe of famous sayings. Targeting inner beauty and discussing spirituality, these quotes are generally used by the mass public underneath as captions for their pictures (yes, I’m pointing at you) and whether you claim that you don’t, you most certainly have seen others do it around you (if you’ve said no to either of these you’re lying). Perhaps this is one of the many ways a person wants to tell the world how they feel, or even, what they want to tell themselves.

Example:   “To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.”

                                                                                                          -Ellen DeGeneres

Not a fan of overly clichéd quotations? Well, there’s plenty more out there that could fill another list for another time.

Inspiring the Youth

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