How Many Types Of Patio Umbrella Lights Are Available In The Market

Before you pick a patio umbrella light, you have to decide which one is best. You should gather some knowledge about the types of umbrella lights. Three different models of patio umbrella lights are available in the market. We will discuss these umbrella lights in details.

patio umbrella lights

1- Disc Lights

Disc lights can easily latch onto the central pole of the umbrella. It projects the light downward from the central rod. These kinds of umbrella lights serve to illuminate the objects below. This type of outdoor light can be quite helpful for eating, reading or other tasks doing at a patio table.

You have to keep in mind the diameter of your umbrella pole when purchasing a disc light. Thankfully, most of the umbrella disc lights are adjustable in any range. These kind of lights are always convenient and user-friendly.

2- String Lights

patio furniture

String lighting design always looks beautiful and gorgeous. These lights can attract your other patio furniture with its long range and wonderful color. Strand lights or string lights are well known for its ambient lighting and soothing.

This style of lighting is not recommended to read or accomplish tasks on a table. All the string light systems will work with your umbrella if you have a standard patio umbrella. These kinds of patio lights can spread out through the whole umbrella.

3- Lantern Lights

solar power

If you are looking for something unique and styling then these lights are the best for you. These lantern lights are made to give a classic look at your patio. Whether it’s a birthday party or a special event, it can create an excellent atmosphere.

Lantern lights or candlelight add a special feel to any occasion. These kinds of patio lights are highly recommended to spread the glow at your garden. Most of these lights can be charged by solar power. So that, there is no additional cost of batteries or electricity.

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