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True friendship never ends til death. Friends are most important and loving people in our lives. They help us through our thick and thin. They stand with us when we are struggling. They offer supports and a shoulder to us when we cry on. Friends try to make us laugh when we need to most some relaxation. And the longer a friendship lasts the stronger that bond grows. Outside of our immediate family it’s the friends we had for decades. Friend make up the truly special people and ones we see as closest to us. But sometimes we take those friends and friendship for granted. We just assume it or they will always be there. That’s why a good way to rekindle or maintain a long term friendship is by celebrating a friendship. You can also use them for friendship day, maybe in a card or to say in person. So use the Happy Friendship Day Duotes and Happy Friendship Messages below to write a touching, heartfelt or funny message to your friend as you celebrate a big milestone in your friendship.

Best Friendship Day Quotes

Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone… Thanks for being my partner in crime always.
Happy Friendship Day to my second family!! Love you all!
Friends pick you up when you fall. And if they can’t pick you up, they lie down with you and listen for a while 🙂
Friends are the survival kit you need to get through life. This Friendship Day, pledge to not misuse or waste them.
Happy Friendship Day to the one person who knows all my secrets,
Friends stop you from being stupid and doing things that make you look like an idiot. Close buddies pick up the caera and click away. Happy Friendship Day!
Happy Friendship Day to my confidant, my partner in crime, sister of my heart!
Relatives are given to you by chance. But friends are chosen! Happy Friendship Day to my chosen ones!
Choosing friends is like choosing mangoes – some would be sweet and some would be sour. I am lucky to have a sweet friend like you! Happy Friendship Day, buddy.
Do you know why we are all such close friends? Because our conscience is clear. It’s because we never use it. Let us gang up together this Friendship Day!
On this Friendship Day, I’m sending you a big hug and lots of love. Hope you have a great day.
With this friendship day card, I am sending you loads of love! No gifts this time too, I am still broke. Happy Friendship Day!
God is so wise. He didn’t create friends with price tags because if he did, I would not have been able to afford you. Happy Friendship Day!
You mean the world to me
And I’ll never leave you side.
You already know too many secrets!
Happy Friendship Day, mate.
Though we may be far apart, we’re always close at heart
Thank you for being there when I needed you the most, all the while looking at your phone and texting. Happy friendship day, buddy.

Happy Friendship Wishes

The Language of Friendship is not words but meaning.
Happy Friendship Day!
I am wondering what you meant when you said you needed space. Now, I know. You are going to join NASA, aren’t you? Open the door, mate. Let me wish you a Happy Friendship Day.
If roses were black and violets were brown,
My love for you would never be found,
But roses are red and
Violets are blue,
All I want to say is Happy Friendship Day to you!
We are best friends because we never judge each other. We just judge others together. Happy Friendship Day!
I love you no matter what we have gone through.
I will always be here for you no matter how much we argue because I know that in the end,
you will always be here for me.
Happy Friendship Day!
I am sure if someone read our emails and texts someday, we might be offered our own reality show. Happy Friendship Day, pal!
I am very fortunate to have you as my friend.
I feel blessed to have a loving soul like you.
Happy Friendship Day!
Finding real friends is the greatest treasure hunt ever! Wishing a Happy Friendship Day to all my treasured possessions.
Friendship is the best network in the world! Happy Friendship Day, folks.
Friends are ATMs that work around the clock and from where you could withdraw all the happiness, love and support you need. Happy Friendship Day!
A best friend is someone who studies hard to become the school prefect. Just so they can tell the teachers you are needed for “important” work and get you to bunk classes. Friendship Day wishes!
Your grace and cheerful nature are an inspiration to me.
May you have a wonderful friendship day!
Some friends might not give you great gifts this Friendship Day. But, you should realize that they are the greatest gifts themselves.
I am so used to your nickname that your real name sounds weird to me. Happy Friendship Day!
A single rose can be my garden,
a single friend, my world.
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day Status

It takes time and effort to build new friendships. We both are lazy. Hence, we will be friends forever!
We are good friends because you match my level of craziness. Happy Friendship Day!
Friendship is the super glue that holds your life together from falling apart! Thank and greet all your friends this Friendship Day.
Good friends are hard to find,
Harder to leave,
And impossible to forget.
Happy Friendship Day!
Wonder what is common to all that memories that bring a smile to your lips?
Most of them involve your dear friends!
Happy Friendship Day wishes to all my friends.
On this friendship day, I promise you that I will always have your back (in all our selfies). Happy friendship day!
It is the privilege of friendship is to talk nonsense,
and have that nonsense respected.
Happy Friendship Day!
Right next to you or miles apart,
Best friends are always in your heart!
Happy Friendship Day!
A good friendship stands the test of time.
Happy Friendship Day!
True friends don’t ask you what you have, they ask you what you want and get it for you! Friendship Day Greetings to all such great friends!
A friend is one who believe in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.
Happy Friendship Day!
Just having you close;
Fills me with LOVE & HOPE;
Nothing is impossible with you by my side.
Happy Friendship Day!
I knew you consider me a true friend when you called me up at 2 am. I am always there for you…except when I am asleep. Happy Friendship Day, Night Owl!
A ring is round and has no end,
That is how long I will be your friend.
Happy Friendship Day!
Friends are what you share everything with. Except for pizza of course. Happy Friendship Day!
Friendship is a little more trust,
A little less try,
A little more laugh,
And a little less cry,
A little more WE and a little less I.
Happy Friendship Day!

True Friendship Quotes

Happy birthday to someone who still waits 4 his birthday like a child every year. The day is finally here. Have fun.
I learned the meaning of true friendship from u. Happy birthday my friend. Always going to b there 4 u.
We go together like drunk & disorderly.
True friends don’t judge each other, they judge other people together.”
So we’re a little crazy, but that’s how we roll.
Friends who slay together stay together.
Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.
Someday, u’ll need some support in ur life, & I promise I’ll b right by ur side.
The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.
Happy birthday, friend, let’s continue doing all the stupid things we do together 4 life.
In the sweetness of friendship let there b laughter, 4 in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning & is refreshed.
Happy birthday dear, may this day comes back in ur life 4 a thousand more years.
Every blonde needs a brunette bestie.
Best of the best happy days r rolling.
Real friends don’t get offended when u insult them. They smile & insult u right back.
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